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This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? It visit web page recommended to consult your doctor before using the stimulator.

Erector is a portable electric stimulator designed for stimulation of rectal and vaginal muscles, prostate, cervix by continuous electric impulses. Electric Stimulator allows non invasive therapy of diseases in the rectal and Varizen Vaginalwände areas by emitting continuous electric impulses. Neurotrophic and blood circulation improvement on one hand and influence on brain and spinal brain on the other greatly improves sexual function both in men and women.

Improvement of the prostate functions stimulates testosterone production by the testicular cells and that raises the sperm count and makes spermatozoids a Behandlung in Motels Varizen Vaginalwände active.

The stimulation of the vaginal and cervical nerve bundles leads to higher uterus tone and greatly improves blood circulation which leads to improved brain function and it also improves ovaries function and greatly improves sexual function. A verage recommended course should be procedures lasting for about 10 to 30 minutes, done one to two times Varizen Vaginalwände 24 hours.

Erector can be used in various medical facilities, hospitals, clinics and such and it also is suitable click to see more at home use when Varizen Vaginalwände or prescribed by a doctor.

Erector electric stimulator is designed to be used continuously by one person. T ech nic al S pe cif ica tio ns. LED Indicator light — 1pc. Use caution read article working with Dr. T ry to avoid falls and impacts that Varizen Vaginalwände destroy the stimulator or depressurize it.

Each electric stimulator should only be used by one single person. In fertility cause d by ovary dysfu nctio n. General W arnings 6. Before using the elect ric stimulator make sure it is in proper working condition. Varizen Vaginalwände o do that take Varizen Vaginalwände stimulator out Varizen Vaginalwände box, take LED indicator light and spread its legs mm apart.

In Varizen Vaginalwände of the positions LED will light up every 3 seconds which tells you that device is working. Lubricate the capsule of Varizen Vaginalwände electric stimulator with some vegetable oil olive, corn, grape seed oil or any other vegetable oil found in your household will do fine. While lying on the left side, in fetal position with your knees pressed against your chest gently and smoothly insert the capsule into your rectal passage 5 to 8 cm deep in order for the capsule to Varizen Vaginalwände the prostate area.

If stimulator is positioned correctly you will feel rectum muscles, perineum muscles, pubic muscles and muscles along the urinary tract contracting. Adjust its position until Varizen Vaginalwände start feeling those contractions. If you feel comfortable enough you can leave the stimulator in its position inside the rectum while having a sexual intercourse.

Electric Stimulator starts working automatically when it comes in contact with vaginal mucous. Y ou will feel t ingling, pushes and waves and other unusual for you sensations. Duration of the session is minutes, eac h next session should be prolonged by 5 minutes until you reach minutes sessions. Y ou can do therapy courses ever 3 to 4 month, times per year. For both men and women. After the procedure is over, gently take the stimulator out and thoroughly wash it under warm water using disinfecting Varizen Vaginalwände. Wipe it dry then and put it back in its box.

Note that wet stimulator continues to work, draining its batteryso make sure it is dry. Wip Varizen Vaginalwände it dry with clean flannel cloth.

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